ESI is a full-service event management firm that can provide all elements of the retail launch project and can seamlessly work with other project partners. We have deep experience executing large footprint shows and door-to-door in-dealership programs. We are pleased to be the primary on the entire project, or fulfill any part to support our clients’ goals.

We understand the fundamental differences in the dealer audience from the media or consumers and respond accordingly. At the same time, the core business needs revolve around customer service, teamwork, logistics, management, deadlines, deliverables, collaboration, continuous improvement and, of course, expert vehicle management in all situations.

  • Vehicle transportation
  • Curriculum design
  • Sourcing talent
  • Event management
  • Logistics support
  • Prop development
  • Signage
  • Event equipment
  • Learning aid design
  • Print production
  • Over-the-road logistics
  • Venue selection
  • Travel services
  • Food & beverage expertise